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She was not a morbid person and she should not be remembered as such, she was not fascinated by death nor the moments that follow after it, rather she was driven by an unremitting appreciation and admiration for life. For the lives that had been lived, for the lives that were being lived, for the lives that would one day be realized. She was not someone easy to understand, no artist really is, but her art was inconsolable; the greatest art of man is an exercise in solitude. She would not want to be thought of as a prophet, she would not want to be called a poet, she would much rather be known as being reasonable; someone who was in communication with the world and found it neither absurd nor stifling, neither hell nor heaven nor purgatory nor limbo, but all of those things in non-simultaneous bursts. Her favorite phrase, and my favorite phrase of hers that she would say to me when she'd had too much to drink and too little to eat-Image in nation Universe is not nearly so terrifying as me-has never left me faltering for faith or reverence.
We are all of us impotent to add or subtract to the succinct understanding in her emotion, we are, all of us, incompetent standing in her lifeless presence, and it is for these reasons and many others that we love her. Goodbye, Catherine Debenshire, goodbye and goodness; in your travels.