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How to get this site to look the way I intended it to look-
First a disclaimer: I hate the web. I hate it a lot. I hate creating web pages, I hate having to try to figure out how to make sites that everyone can view and i especially hate thinking of ways to make everything look the same, from every angle, from every vantage point, from every perspective. As far as I'm cocerned that produces nothing but a blank canvas. If you're considering taking up the form as an art, let me attempt to dissuade you, email me, call me, visit me, I will employ every skill in my repetoire to divert you from this form. I will probably suggest you write eulogies and you will look at me quizically and that will be the end of it, but i'll have made an effort and my conscience will be relieved.

But I like the idea of the internet, the opportunity for the collective connection of so much consciousness, like an interrelated ring of alien worlds, probing and seeking and exploring and communicating, I like that idea a lot. Sometimes, that analogy is fitting. Mostly it seems like a shopping mall with an arbitarily large amount of people with spotlights, all pointing and professing and pleading, and all of them walking with blindness because of it. I didn't make this website to alude to the subtlety of my spotlight, I made this website because i wanted a vehicle i could use to share with the people i like the things i write that i like. It just happens that i like almost everyone, so if you found out about this site through someone i'd probably want to hear from you, and if you're wondering why the site looks so silly or mismanaged, try using the settings below and see if it helps. I know it's a pain to change all of your personalized internet settings just to make one stupid dot on one page show up in the right place, but it is something i'd appreciate. It's all transitory, settings, souls and suns; all of it.

Jeff Mangum
Jeff Mangum
Why do you look so bereft?

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If the dot in that circle covers the question mark dot after 'bereft' you should be fine.

Can you make a sentence that doesn't sound autistic where I isn't followed by a verb? I was just looking at this page and I've not seen an instance where I isn't followed directly by a verb? I seems to be verb friendly, always doing something.